Desire to Help Others Abroad? Consider Volunteer Traveling.

Whenever you discover a new opportunity to help others in need, you eagerly take advantage of it. For years, you have desired to serve others abroad. If this scenario sounds familiar, you need to consider volunteer traveling. Travel for a Cause For many years, people have been traveling across the globe on missions to help the less fortunate. Volunteer traveling involves working on a specified charitable project during a trip. People of all ages participate in volunteer travel expeditions. It really doesn’t matter if you are a high school student or a retired engineer. You can find fulfilling work to accomplish by planning a volunteer trip. Also, you can choose how long you wish to remain in a foreign locale working on a project. For example, you can easily find volunteer ventures lasting one week, one month, or even three months or longer. Perform Life Enriching Activities While on your trip, you will complete life enriching activities for others. Some common deeds carried out by volunteers include: • Participating in efforts to conserve the environment • Assisting with building...

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4 Benefits of Volunteer Traveling

Your best friend has been raving about her recent volunteer travel trip for weeks. Due to her excitement, you are now considering a charitable trip abroad. However, you want to know more about the positive aspects of such a venture. If you can relate, you need to know the 4 benefits of volunteer traveling. Worthwhile Projects When you leave your chosen destination, you can feel good about having helped to complete a worthwhile project. The local beneficiaries of the project will also appreciate your thoughtfulness and reap the efforts of your work. For instance, while on your trip, you might help: • Build a school • Teach children how to read • Manage a baseball camp • Administer flu vaccines to a population at risk • Build a wildlife refuge center Experience While completing important tasks, you will gain important life and work experience. Undoubtedly, you will learn new skills and polish older ones. For instance, you might learn how to install an electric fence, dig a well, or replace a roof. The experience garnered on a volunteer travel...

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3 Respected Volunteer Travel Organizations to Consider

In a few months, you will enjoy four consecutive weeks of vacation from work. Instead of lounging around your home watching television for a month, you want to engage in activities that benefit others. You believe volunteer traveling will help you achieve your goals. If this scenario sounds familiar, you should consider 3 respected volunteer travel organizations when booking your trip. Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects If you wish to attain life skills while supporting community development abroad, you should consider a volunteer travel experience with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects, CADIP. This non-profit organization provides volunteers with fulfilling multi-cultural experiences around the world. Types of projects CADIP offers includes: • Restoring and renovating historic and educational landmarks • Hosting festivals and other cultural activities • Engaging in environmental protection activities • Gardening • Forestry conservation • Helping orphans and impoverished children • Supporting archaeological digs Cross-Cultural Solutions Cross-Cultural Solutions, CCS, strives to improve cultural diversity and communities abroad through the hard work of its volunteer travelers. This respected organization sponsors tailored trips for...

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Volunteer Traveling: A Resource

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Help Others by Volunteer Traveling

Volunteer travelers work on meaningful projects in impoverished communities abroad. Some common activities performed on volunteer travel trips include teaching children, constructing buildings, conserving the environment, and protecting wildlife.

4 Volunteer Travel Benefits

When you engage in volunteer traveling, you and the community assisted benefit. Your efforts provide solutions to needy communities. You also gain experience, a change of scenery, and cultural appreciation.

3 Volunteer Travel Organizations

Before embarking on a volunteer travel trip, you need to choose a respected organization to work with. 3 established organizations to consider include CADIP, CCS, and Projects Abroad.